The earth provides everything you need for optimal nutrition. One of the most common causes of disease is POOR dietary choices. When you incorporate a plant based diet along with positive lifestyle changes, the health benefits are abundant. The benefits include weight loss, more energy, better nutrition, increased awareness, and a strengthened immune system. You don't have to sacrifice flavor for a healthful culinary experience. Let me assist you in creating abundance in your health life. 

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About The Cultured Vegan

Chef Rain Truth

Rain Truth is a vegan chef, caterer, educator, and proud mother of three vegan children. She has been a vegan for over 3 decades, but introduced to vegetarianism as a child.. Classically trained at The Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago (Le Cordon Bleu)as well as New York’s Main Street Vegan Academy, where she received her certification as a Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator, Chef Rain is also a ServSafe Instructor/Proctor and ServSafe® Allergens Specialist.  Her mission is to make healthy dining an exciting part of everyone's lifestyle.

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We specialize in personal chef services, catering, food demonstrations, and individual or group classes. From small intimate dinners to large party gatherings, we offer a full service package to accommodate your needs. It includes everything from your refreshments to appetizers to full multi-course meals or buffets, to of course, the vegan desserts! We have launched our "Seeds of Truth" 6-week children's culinary certification program focused on youth ages 4 to 18. This class offers children an outlet to creatively express themselves through culinary arts. The classes incorporate math, science, historical context, art, culture and urban agriculture. We can craft a healthy, allergen friendly, delicious, vegan version of any food you desire, including Caribbean, Indian, Asian, and African dishes. Requests for Special Dietary needs, such as Gluten-Free items or Diabetic-Friendly foods, are highly welcomed. We are nationally certified ServSafe® Allergens Specialist, a nationally certified ServSafe® Food Protection Manager, and certified in the county of Lake and licensed in the state of Illinois and Wisconsin by the Department of Health and National Restaurant Association.

The Cultured Vegan became Chef Rain's passion after losing her father to brain cancer. She was moved to make it her life's work to educate people on healthy eating  and provide nutritious meals to those who embraced the vegan diet.  She has demonstrated her culinary expertise across the nation at outdoor festivals and markets, indoor expos, private parties, and for elite clientele. The Cultured Vegan's catering and personal chef service provides weekly meals to clients, teaches culinary classes for children ages 6 to 14 for the Waukegan Park District, numerous camps, daycare facilities and a homeschool in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  As the mother of one child with food allergens and another who followed in the culinary tradition by starting her own health conscious/special dietary bakery business, Chef Rain is also in the process of publishing her first children’s educational handbook/cookbook in English and Spanish. The book, entitled “Mama, I’m Be-Gan/ Mama, Soy Vegano”  is scheduled to be available Spring of 2020.